immerse them in your world using 360º imagery

visualize your business or event in this format...


360º images are rapidly becoming the most captivating form of visual marketing.

This platform allows the user to view the content at hand from an all angle 360º perspective.


By simply moving their phone or dragging the cursor over the image on a desktop, the viewer is able to navigate through the environment from their own point of view.

Our breath-taking content is designed for websites, virtual reality platforms and social media pages. 


For the most immersive experience, these images are also viewable with VR headsets such as the Ocuclus rift or Google Cardboard. 


We can now virtually bring your clients into your business/experience using the most engaging form of visual technology. 




Percentage of bookings more likely to happen when a video tour is avaliable



Four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.




By 2018, 79% of all global consumer internet traffic will come from video.



Percentage of business executives who visit the hotel's website after viewing a video.



about us

Founder | Mike Le Tendre

 Gist 360º Marketing 



We create immersive 360º VR videos & photographs for countless types of businesses and events.


Our stunning 360º content is produced with professional camera equipment, editing tools and artistic design techniques.  


The 4k/HD videos and photographs are applicable to both websites and social media pages.

Our key mission is to approach every project with a fresh pair of eyes.

We listen to our client's expectations and achieve them from all angles with breathtaking results.


Let us virtually take your clients by the hand and lead them through your amazing establishment/experience.


We can help them get the Gist of your business.

Founder | Mike Le Tendre